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4runner dash

4 Ways To Avoid A Cracked 4runner Dash

Depending on the climate you live in, a cracked 4runner dash is a fairly common issue. So common in fact, that Toyota actually did a recall on it. Unfortunately, the window for having the repair done free of charge has closed. That means it’s more important than ever to do our best to avoid a…

5 Ways For Car Guys To Survive Winter

6 Tips To Keep Your Toyota Truck From Rusting During Winter

Very few people understand the power of rust like my fellow Toyota truck owners. We’ve been blessed with some of the longest lasting and most reliable vehicles on the planet and yet one wrong move in a northern climate can throw it all away. If these trucks have one Achilles heel, it’s the fact that…

Toyota 4runner Check Engine Light

The Surprisingly Simple Fix For Check Engine and VSC Lights:

Is your dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree? This fix for check engine and VSC lights is both simple and cheap. It’s important to note that this article pertains to 4th gen (2003-2009) Toyota 4runners with these specific diagnostic codes. This is likely a common issue with many other vehicles as well, but you’ll…

Toyota 4.7 V8 Doug Thorley headers

Fix Cracked Exhaust Manifolds on Your V8 4runner Forever

There’s one issue holding Toyota’s 4.7L V8 (otherwise known as the 2UZ-FE) back from being the perfect engine. At some point, you will wind up with cracked exhaust manifolds on your V8 4runner, Land Cruiser, Tundra, Sequoia or Lexus GX470. Read on to find out why I believe upgrading to Doug Thorley headers is the…