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4th gen 4runner power steering fluid

Should You Replace Your Power Steering Fluid (And How Often?)

We’ve talked a bit about maintenance lately and more specifically, how often to replace certain fluids in your 4runner or Tacoma. Well, your power steering system can also use some attention from time to time. Is replacing your power steering fluid actually necessary? I’m sure there are A LOT of vehicles that make it through…

V8 4runner rad cap

How Often To Flush Your Toyota 4runner’s Coolant

Most enthusiasts know the importance of staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance. The engine oil has to be replaced frequently and the drivetrain fluids need to be checked regularly and replaced at the proper intervals to ensure everything stays lubricated and operating at the proper temperature.  Those are the easy-to-remember maintenance items. However, your…

4runner K&N air filter

Everything You Need To Know About Your 4runner’s Air Filter

The air filter in your 4runner has one important purpose – to allow your engine to breathe while keeping harmful particles out.  Changing the air filter in your Toyota 4runner is one of the easiest maintenance items you can tackle. A dirty or worn out filter isn’t necessarily going to cause your engine to blow…

4th gen 4runner gear lever

4runner Transmission Fluid: Flush Or Drain And Fill?

Making sure your 4runner’s fluids are changed at regular intervals is an important part of it living up to its reputation of “lasting forever”. The transmission fluid is no exception – but there is a common debate among owners regarding whether you should have the fluid flushed or simply drain and fill it. A drain…

4runner 87 Octane

Should You Run Regular Or Premium Gas In Your 4runner?

Regular vs premium gas has been a pretty polarizing topic in the Toyota 4runner community, especially among 4.7 V8 owners. With the price of gas continuing to rise, your choice can greatly affect your wallet. So should you be running premium gas in your 4runner? The best gas to run in your 4runner is whatever…

4th gen 4runner duratrac

Do You Need Winter Tires For Your 4runner?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a 4×4 truck is thinking it eliminates the need for winter tires. If you live in a climate that sees snowy winters, you can’t assume that 4 wheel drive alone will keep you safe on the roads. Winter tires are designed specifically to work in snowy…