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Dawn dish soap for detailing

Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Car With Dish Soap: The Truth!

We’ve all been there before. You’ve been waiting all week to do a thorough detail on your sweet ride. Saturday morning has finally arrived and you start getting your supplies ready and your pressure washer all set up. You’re just about to fill your wash buckets when you realize your car wash soap is completely…

Water Spots on Car Paint: Cause, Correction, and Prevention 

While the automotive detailing craft comes with a portfolio of challenges and frustrations, perhaps none are as common and frustrating as water spots. They so easily appear on our vehicles and those of our clients. Why are they so prevalent? What is the safest and easiest way to remove them? How can we prevent them…

Ceramic Coating Before and After: What You Should Expect

With the amount of marketing we’re being bombarded with in the auto detailing space it can be hard to tell if what we’re being shown is real or just sleazy companies trying to make a quick buck. Before and after photos and videos of muddy water being thrown on $300,000 dollar supercars are around every…

Wax, sealant, ceramic coating, PPF

A Complete Guide To Protecting Your Car’s Paint In 2023

Wax, Sealant, Ceramic coatings – if you’re new to the detailing world, your head is probably already spinning trying to understand how all of these paint protection products compare. Add in PPF and spray-on coatings, and things can get really overwhelming! With all the options available it’s easy to find yourself looking for a good…

Karcher pressure washer with Obsessed Garage upgrade

A Pressure Washer WON’T Damage Your Paint – Here’s Why:

When I was just starting out as a detailer, a friend of mine asked me to help him wash his new-to-him MazdaSpeed 3. I was excited to help him out by showing his new ride some love. Unfortunately, my inexperience led me to chase a “bug” on his front bumper.  Being young and dumb I…

Washing a Jeep Wrangler

Do You REALLY Need A Pressure Washer To Clean Your Car?

Spending any amount of time watching detailing videos online and on social media can easily put you under the impression that you need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment just to get started. A fancy pressure washer is one of those tools that we see often. While a pressure washer is an incredibly helpful…

Michelin tire blooming

Here’s The REAL Reason Your Tires Are Turning Brown:

It can be disheartening to spend an entire Saturday making sure your pride and joy is looking its very best, only to notice your tires look like they’ve been through a mud puddle. You and I both know you wouldn’t do that, so unless you “sleep-drive” or your car was stolen, this can’t be mud….

Lithium clay bar

Ran Out of Clay Bar Lubricant? Here Are Some Alternatives

Picture this: it’s Saturday afternoon and you’re hanging out with your pride and joy in the garage. You’re halfway done clay barring the car and surprise! You’re out of clay lube. Do you need to drop what you’re doing and rush to the store, or can that trip be avoided? I have good news –…

Winter foam cannon

A Canadian’s Guide To Washing Your Car In The Winter

The fall and winter months can be some of the most challenging for car enthusiasts, myself included. Sure, you get a natural cold air intake known in the turbo circles as boost weather; you can shut off the horsepower-robbing air conditioner and enjoy a crisp afternoon drive with the windows cracked open.  At the end…

2017 Chevy SS

Detailing A Brand New Car: 18 Things To Prep/Protect

You’ve only been at the dealership for a mere 5 hours, but the salesman finally handed over the keys and it’s time for that first drive in the new car. Obviously, you’re a smart consumer and you told the finance guy where to stick his “True Coat,” but beat them up enough to have them…