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  • 4th gen 4runner parked in bad neighborhood

    9 Ways to Prevent Your Toyota 4Runner From Being Stolen

    If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly thinking of ways to prevent your Toyota 4Runner from being stolen. We worked hard to earn our rigs, and the thought of it disappearing is a hard pill to swallow. No matter where you live, the possibility of auto theft looms, and it pays to be proactive in…

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  • My Predictions For The 6TH GEN Toyota 4Runner

    Last year, Toyota truck lovers were blessed with announcements about the all-new Tacoma, Land Cruiser, and Lexus GX550 models being released in 2024. Oddly, we have yet to hear much about the beloved 4Runner. I believe Toyota will break their silence on the 6th Gen 4Runner this year, with hopes that it’ll be revealed as…

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  • 4th gen 4runner on dirt road

    How Did the Toyota 4Runner Get Its Name?

    It’s believed that the meaning behind the name “4Runner” refers to two very basic concepts: the vehicle’s 4 wheel drive system and its ability to travel off-road at speed… or “run”. The Toyota 4Runner stands as a significant name in the world of rugged SUVs, with its origins tracing back to the mid-1980s. At the…

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  • Shadow Gray 4th gen 4runner

    5 Reasons Why A Toyota 4Runner Makes A Great First Car

    Are you in the market to get your soon-to-be or newly-driving teen their first ride? Maybe you are the soon-to-be or newly-driving teen trying to convince your parents to purchase you a rad ride that’ll make all your friends jealous. Either way, I’ve got your answer right here: (drum roll please) the Toyota 4Runner. Wait,…

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  • 4th gen 4runner and 2nd gen tacoma

    4th Gen 4Runner vs. 2nd Gen Tacoma: My 3-Year Comparison

    The Toyota 4runner and Tacoma are two of the most popular 4×4 vehicles of all time. They’ve earned this reputation by offering versatile capability along with legendary reliability. While I believe most of us Toyota enthusiasts respect all of the models, there has indeed been a long-standing rivalry with people questioning which is better –…

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  • How Capable Are 2WD 4Runners? Everything You Need To Know

    The 4×4 Toyota 4Runner is world-renowned for its exceptional capabilities both on and off the road. However, what if you’re in the market for a 4Runner and questioning if you should buy a 2WD? What if you already own one and are wondering what your vehicle is really capable of? Look no further, because in…

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  • 4runner Fuel efficiency

    Top 4 Reasons Why The Toyota 4Runner Is So Bad On Gas

    The Toyota 4runner is legendary for a couple of reasons: its off-road prowess and reliability. Unfortunately, the 4Runner’s legacy comes with less than reasonable gas mileage though.  The Toyota 4runner is bad on gas because of poor aerodynamics, outdated gearing, disregard for fuel efficiency during the design process, and the additional weight from heavy 4×4 components.…

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  • What to pack for off roading

    Off-Road Gear Checklist: 50+ Items To Pack In Your 4runner

    If you’re planning to take your 4runner off-roading, it’s important to go prepared. Heading out to a remote area shouldn’t begin with an impulsive left turn off the highway. A good adventure starts long before that, and today, we’re going to run through some of the planning and packing you should do before you leave.…

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  • Method Race Wheel Goodyear Duratrac

    Airing Down Your 4runner’s Tires – Should You Do It?

    If you’ve already been learning about taking your 4runner off-road, you’ve probably already heard the term “airing down” your tires. In this article, we’re going to discuss what it means, how much air to let out, and how the heck you fill them back up with air in the middle of nowhere. Airing down the…

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  • 4runner RSCA button

    4runner Off-Road Feature Acronyms (And What They Mean:)

    Maybe it’s out of laziness, maybe it just makes things seem fancier. Toyota loves coming up with abbreviations for the features on their vehicles. They can be confusing though. Stuck trying to figure out what one of them stands for? I’m going to explain some of the popular 4runner off-road features here. We’re going to…

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