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Red MR2

Here’s Why Some People Believe The Toyota MR2 Is Dangerous

The Toyota MR2 is known for being a relatively simple, fun-to-drive sports car. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for being dangerous among people that don’t truly understand the car. The biggest reason people believe the Toyota MR2 is dangerous is based on snap oversteer. Early 2nd gen models were known to spin…

Super Red SW20 MR2

Toyota MR2 Values – Is It Already Too Late To Buy One?

In relation to the iconic Japanese sports cars of the 90s like the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra, the Toyota MR2 has always enjoyed more of a cult following and less of a universally-known and idolized existence. A bit more of a 90s JDM dark horse, the second-generation MR2 (chassis code SW20) has remained a…

Crimson Red MR2

Does An MR2 Make A Good Daily Driver? An Owner’s Opinion

Over the last ten years, I have owned five Toyota MR2s of various levels of cleanliness and modification.  All five of them were the second-generation model (1991-1995 in the U.S.), both turbo and a couple of naturally aspirated versions.  All modifications and maintenance have been done by me except the occasions that one of them…

SW20 Toyota MR2

The Ultimate SW20 Toyota MR2 Buyers Guide

Spring is here and this tends to be the time of year that most people start shopping for their next sports car or motorcycle. If you’re considering buying a 2nd generation SW20 Toyota MR2, this buyers guide should help you out. I’ve scoured the internet (as well as my own brain) in an effort to…

Volk SF Challenge and Method Standard

The Shortcut to Choosing The Perfect Wheel and Tire Setup

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and purchase a set of aftermarket wheels and tires for your vehicle. If you haven’t already taken a brief look at what’s available out there, you’re in for a real surprise when you see how many options there are. Choosing the perfect wheel and tire setup for your…

Red MR2

Trend-Proof: Why My MR2 Will Withstand The Test of Time

Despite being a somewhat well-known car years ago, I’ve always been rather tight-lipped about my MR2 on the interwebs. I’ve kept a lot of the details to myself because honestly, it’s built for me. Showing off to people isn’t my thing and it’s certainly not the reason this car exists. I’ve always thought that cool…