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  • Toyota MR2 with Volk Racing SF Challenge wheels

    The Ultimate Detailing Dictionary

    Have you ever found yourself way in over your head when fellow car guys talk about their favorite detailing products and techniques? This Ultimate Detailing Dictionary is for you. I’ve put together a list of every detailing-related term and abbreviation I can think of and tried my best to explain each one. You might want…

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  • Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Polisher

    Best DA Polisher For Beginners – Griot’s Garage Random Orbital

    Long before people paid me to polish their rare and expensive cars, I was a beginner just like you. Buying and using your first dual action polisher can be a bit intimidating at first. In this post, I’m going to share a few tips with you as well as explain why I believe the Griot’s…

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  • Red MR2 Volk wheels

    The Dangers of Chasing Perfection With Paint Correction

    If you’re considering a paint correction for your vehicle, read this first! I think it’s safe to say that any of us that are into detailing would love for our cars to be as close to perfect as possible. But sometimes that’s not a realistic (or safe) goal to have. Today I want to talk…

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  • Wolfgang Clay Bar

    Stop Using a Clay Bar on a Regular Basis (Do This Instead:)

    Although using a clay bar on your car is an essential part of detailing, it shouldn’t be done unless absolutely necessary. The clay bar has a specific job – to remove bonded contaminants from your paint. Even when used properly, it should be considered a necessary evil since it can be abrasive. I’m sorry, but…

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  • Different types of detailing towels

    What Microfiber Towels Should You Use For Detailing?

    With so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out what microfiber towels to use for detailing your car. The best microfiber towels for detailing tend to have a 70/30 mix of polyester and polyamide and a GSM somewhere between 300-400. A 16″x16″ towel is a great size for general detailing.…

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  • spray wax on windshield

    9 Genius Off Label Uses For Spray Wax

    If you enjoy taking care of your vehicles, here’s a helpful tip: you don’t need an entire shelf full of products to be able to make your car look awesome. There are a number of products out there that work great for more than just their intended use. A good spray wax is one of…

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  • 12 Ways You Could Be Scratching Your Paint Without Knowing It

    12 Ways You’re Probably Scratching Your Paint

    You might be scratching your paint without knowing it. If you care about the condition of your paint, that might be upsetting to hear. The truth is, there are many seemingly normal things we do to our cars that have the potential to create scratches, especially if your paint is particularly soft. Surprising Ways Your…

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  • The Best Rain Repellent for Windshields in 2018

    The Best Rain Repellent for Windshields This Year:

    Today, I’m going to share what I believe is the best rain repellent for windshields. I’m also going to show you a surprisingly simple alternative that you may already have in your detailing arsenal! Rain repellent products can be quite helpful when used on the glass of your vehicle. They make the surface much more…

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  • I Found The Best Vacuum For Detailing: Ridgid 5hp [UPDATED]

    I’ve been detailing cars with this Ridgid vacuum both professionally and as a hobbyist for over 6 years now. Needless to say, I’ve put it through its paces. In this article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on its performance as well as how it’s holding up. Any popular wet/dry vacuum can technically get the job…

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  • The Best Leaf Blower For Drying Your Car

    I Found The Best Leaf Blower For Drying Your Car

    Most of the leaf blowers on the market will do a decent job of drying your car. You don’t need to spend a ton of time picking one out. More power is always better in this case though. My personal favorite leaf blower: In my opinion, the Worx WG520 is the best leaf blower for…

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