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Automotive Youtubers

Top 15 Automotive Youtube Channels You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

There once was a time not long ago, when all we could do was daydream about different cars, trucks, and bikes. Then along came a little site known as Youtube. Although there were others (anyone remember StreetFire?) Youtube has made the biggest impact in the automotive video world. Automotive Youtube channels have come a long way since the beginning and now there’s actually people making 6 figure salaries simply by sharing their vehicles with the internet. What a world we live in eh?

Of course, we have the giant automotive Youtube channels that everyone has heard of, and the ones that always seem to pop up in our related videos section. But this post is meant to showcase some of the lesser known channels that you may not have seen before. With the exception of a few, most of these have around 100,000 or less subscribers which in the world of Youtube is considered small.

Some of these are quickly growing in popularity and will be commonly known soon, but others seem to remain as gems hidden deep in the corners of Youtube. I’ve decided to count down these automotive youtube channels for fun although it’s hard to choose a favorite. Hopefully, this post helps you find some new content to enjoy.

My top 15 automotive Youtube channels:


PURE Function


PURE Function

About the channel:

PURE Function is run by a Toyota enthusiast named Ryan. The focus of his channel revolves around the ownership of what many (myself included) consider the perfect combination of Toyotas – a MKIV Supra and an MR2 Turbo. Most of his videos take place in his huge garage where he modifies, repairs, and maintains his cars. Youtube and Supras go together like peanut butter and jam, so this channel is certainly one to keep an eye on.



  • Based on 2 iconic Toyotas
  • Primarily filmed in his large, well lit garage
  • Knowledgeable guy when it comes to wrenching



  • Some content may be considered dull for anyone not interested in the specific project


Lee Stuart


Lee Stuart

About the channel:

Lee Stuart is a very talented motorcycle stunt rider and that’s exactly what his channel is built on. He’s best known on Youtube for abusing his Harley Davidson Dyna in ways most people didn’t know were possible. You see, Lee is not your typical motovlogger. He uses his Harley for wheelies, donuts, drifting on ice, and even motocross jumps! Recently, Lee launched his own apparel company called Thirty Eight Ride Co.


  • Very talented rider
  • High production quality
  • Where else are you going to watch 2 guys (one dressed as a penguin, the other a banana) ride around town doing wheelies?!


  • Less Harley content lately and that’s really what makes him stand out


Spencer Berke


Spencer Berke

About the channel:

Spencer is an automotive photographer and social media manager. His channel revolves around the high end cars found in California, although lately there’s been quite a bit of business content as well. Spencer claims to be one of the first people to register to Instagram and loves to share tips on social media, photography and even life in general. He’s worked at a few exotic car dealerships too, which provided some great content in the past. Lately, he seems to be focusing on the trials and tribulations of starting up multiple businesses.


  • Knowledgeable and experienced in both photography and the dealership world
  • Offers lots of advice on a wide range of subjects
  • Exotic cars and California – what more can you ask for?



  • Been criticized in the past for not having enough success of his own to offer credible advice although I’m not sure I agree


Troy Sowers


Troy Sowers

About the channel:

Perhaps one of the lesser known members of the famous “717” group of automotive Youtube channels, Troy’s channel is certainly worth tuning in to. He shares his insights from the perspective of a tech guy, semi-pro detailer, and exotic car owner. The gorgeous white McLaren 12c (affectionately nicknamed “Panda”)  he owns makes many appearances in his videos.

Troy has made hints towards the next big addition to the channel being a new Ford Raptor. I think he’ll gain another whole separate audience of truck lovers once he makes that purchase. He appears to have everything it takes to make automotive Youtube channels great: high end equipment, plenty of talent, and great connections. Unfortunately, one thing he doesn’t seem to have much of is the time to create videos.



  • Plenty of supercar content
  • Friends with a few other prominent automotive Youtube channels
  • High quality production


  • Spread himself fairly thin with his new detailing company and doesn’t have as much time to make videos


Daily Driven Exotics



About the channel:

Daily Driven Exotics (or DDE for short) is exactly what the name implies. Run by Damon Fryer, an affiliate marketer and supercar owner, DDE gives us a unique glimpse into the wealthy lifestyle. British Columbia is where he calls home which means his videos are often shot in some pretty scenic locations.

Damon is most commonly known for abusing his Lamborghini Huracan and making videos of it. An 800hp Lambo ripping its bumper off while doing donuts in the snow is oddly enough a pretty regular occurrence on his channel. He also participates in a number of exotic car rallies all across North America. Production quality is very high although his videos (and titles) can be a bit over-dramatized at times.


  • High quality production
  • Unique footage of exotic cars being driven hard rather than preserved in collections
  • Uploads often and collaborates with other automotive Youtube channels



  • Uses clickbait titles and sometimes makes things seem more dramatic than they are


Suburban Delinquent


Suburban Delinquent

About the channel:

Suburban Delinquent is a motovlogger that has been around for quite some time. His Suzuki GSX-R 750 is unmistakable thanks to its paint job and other custom touches. Most of his videos are spent casually riding to restaurants in California with a fair number of surprise wheelies and sideways drifts thrown in for good measure. This guy can ride.

I think he’s smart to combine POV sport bike footage with visits to restaurants to taste their weird, famous dishes. It’s kind of like a host from the Food Network terrorizing the city doing wheelies in between restaurant reviews.

Sub D has some pretty popular motovlogger friends that appear in his videos often (BakerXderek, Arson Rides, The Kleb etc) and he loves to pick on them. Some of his riding friends have stopped appearing in recent videos though, and it seems like he’s slowed down on the bullying. Still an entertaining channel to watch. Be careful – it might make you hungry!


  • Not afraid to ride the wheels off his GSX-R
  • Somehow manages to find the weirdest foods to try (brain and guts filled tacos?!)
  • It’s always summer in California, so he pumps out plenty of content year round


  • While the same recipe for a video works well, it seems to be getting a bit stale now





About the channel:

Stickydiljoe is a Youtube vlog series that stemmed from the hugely popular import car blog The Chronicles. Joey Lee is perhaps one of the best connected people in the west coast import scene and his content proves it. He’s primarily known in the Honda community but he has branched out to share plenty of other vehicles.

His photos and features have been published in magazines many times and he even hosts his own yearly car meet. Joey is friends with some of the greatest car builders in the import community and offers a glimpse into some of the things these guys are up to. He also travels to different events throughout the U.S. and even Japan to share coverage with everyone. It’s hard not to feel jealous of all the people and cars he surrounds himself with.


  • Rare behind the scenes footage or events and cars being built
  • Long, 20+ minute videos
  • Really knows his stuff when it comes to the import car world


  • Some videos have a bit too much food/social footage in them





About the channel:

Effspot is an exotic car spotting channel that is quickly growing in popularity. Run by a photographer named Gordon, these videos are a hilarious combination of supercar/hypercar spotting and events, with sarcastic behind-the-camera comments. His negative, judgmental style of humor may be considered hateful compared to the other automotive Youtube channels but I can’t get enough of it.

You never know what you’re going to get in his videos – whether its footage of an exclusive car collection or making fun of someone’s stupidity (or both!). Gordon has connections with some of the world’s wealthiest car collectors and goes on plenty of international trips to share them with us. He also coined some hilarious phrases such as: “The Leap” and “Arab-O-Clock”.

His primary camera car is a Jaguar SVR that he has no problems making as much noise as possible with on the streets of Beverly Hills (although he uses his beat up Prius for events where he expects people to misbehave). His Jaguar even wears a personalized license plate that says “V6 FTYPE” to make fun of his own disdain for you guessed it – Jaguar F-Types with V6s.


  • Some of the best supercar and hypercar content of all automotive Youtube channels
  • Somehow manages to capture your attention with titles and thumbnails without misleading you
  • A great contrast of the lives of the rich with sarcastic humor


  • Attitude may be considered offensive and disrespectful





About the channel:

First of all, bakerXderek is quite possibly one of the funniest people on Youtube. He spends his time on one of 3 bikes: a Kawasaki ZX10R, a Kawasaki 636 and a Honda Grom. Riding around his hometown of San Bernadino (he refers to it as San Bernaghetto) yelling “CHEAH!” at random bystanders is his biggest claim to fame.

His hilarious, but often offensive lingo has nearly transformed into his own language. He uses clever editing and mixes in short movie and sound clips to help his jokes land and it seems to work every time.

Viewers will recognize many of the locations he visits from the video game Grand Theft Auto which was modeled after a few locations in California including “San Bernaghetto”. BakerXderek is one of those people you wish you could hang out with but can’t… so the next best thing is to follow along with him on Youtube.


  • Has an absolutely hilarious sense of humor
  • Great locations
  • Legendary “Me Gusta” intro featuring him dancing with whichever bike he’s about to ride


  • Videos featuring the Honda Grom aren’t quite as exciting to watch as the sport bikes, although he’s added knobby tires to it to be able to go on off road adventures





About the channel:

Theofreakindore is a hidden gem when it comes to motovloggers on Youtube. He rides a Harley Dyna Low Rider that in my opinion has been modified just the right amount. He’s one of the many younger guys out there that have converted from sport bikes to Harleys. We’ve watched as he progressed from riding his old Yamaha R6, to buying his Harley, to quickly learning how to wheelie the Harley. He seems to have caught on pretty fast and his wheelies are dialed in now.

Maybe it’s the Harley owner in me, but watching him rip around Oklahoma on his bright blue Dyna is always entertaining. It boggles my mind that he only has 7,000 subscribers. He deserves to have at least 100,000 in my opinion and hopefully more people will find him and tune in too.


  • Pro Taper bars on a Harley are automatically awesome
  • Great combination of wheelies and hard riding mixed with casual exploring
  • Most videos are under 10 mins which make them great for a quick watch


  • I really don’t have any negatives for this one. This is a great channel, I’d just like to see more of it


White Details



About the channel:

White Details is a business-based channel by Jim White. He’s a professional detailer in the U.K. His videos are normally fairly long and in depth (35+ mins) and show the process behind bringing high end cars back to life cosmetically. He’s a paint correction and coating expert but you’ll also see both interior and engine bay detailing at times as well.

Many of his videos explain how he goes about performing his signature “White Detail” package on some pretty cool cars. Jim is very highly skilled and he also does a good job of teaching the ins and outs of detailing. He provides lots of cool tips and tricks too.


  • Hours upon hours of high quality detailing content
  • Lots of helpful advice for anyone interested in detailing
  • Videos are filmed in his clean, well lit shop


  • Although it doesn’t happen regularly, sometimes he’ll include some random drone footage. I fail to see how this ties in with his otherwise 100% detailing-focused channel





About the channel:

Downshift83 is a highly underrated channel by yet another one of the original motovloggers. His attitude towards Youtube is more about sharing his passion than it is about making money and that’s really refreshing nowadays. No fancy cameras, over the top editing, clickbait titles or daily uploads. Just a guy with a gopro and a collection of really, really nice bikes.

He owns a Yamaha R1, Ducati Diavel, KTM dirtbike, and most recently a Ducati 1299s. Thanks to his beautiful bikes and serious riding skill, I could watch his videos all day. Most of his videos are filled with stand up wheelies and/or the sound of a Ducati engine screaming through traffic… and I can’t seem to get enough.


  • Skilled rider that’s not afraid to beat on his bikes
  • Great bike collection
  • Doesn’t care about getting rich or famous through Youtube


  • Goes for stretches without uploading at times but that’s understandable considering he has a day job


Expedition Overland



About the channel:

Expedition Overland is an offroad/traveling channel focusing on a team of friends and a group of Toyota trucks. The now booming overland scene wasn’t very big at all when they got started and I think they have a lot to do with why it’s so popular now.

Clay Croft is currently living his dream as the head honcho of the group. He gets to drive some of his favorite Toyota trucks to some very remote corners of the world and does a great job of filming the action along the way. These trips are all carefully planned ahead of time and they always have the best equipment thanks to their relationships with sponsors.

Their adventures are divided up into a series of 40+ minute videos featuring very high quality production. Expedition Overland is the perfect channel to binge watch for anyone looking for a taste of adventure.


  • 4runners, Tacomas and Land Cruisers, oh my!
  • Discovery Channel level production and editing
  • The best equipment combined with the best locations


  • The product placement for some sponsored items is very apparent but is necessary to fund these epic trips


Ammo NYC



About the channel:

Ammo NYC is a channel created by superstar detailer Larry Kosilla. Although this one might be more well known than the others I’ve listed, I have to include it because it’s been a favorite of mine for a long time. Larry takes us with him on location to work on some pretty awesome cars. Being affiliated with the /DRIVE channel for a while means he knows a thing or two about producing quality videos too.

Lately, the focus seems to be more on teaching the basics of detailing to the masses and less on high end mobile detailing but that’s ok. To this day I’ll still refer back to some of his older videos (which are his best in my opinion).

Tons of helpful techniques are shared here and although he has his own product line he very rarely pushes it on the viewer. His overly cautious approach to working on cars might seem excessive to some, but I think it helps newcomers learn the proper mindset to avoid causing damage. Larry is a class act and has a knack for making dull subjects interesting. If you’re looking to learn the do’s and don’ts of detailing from one of the best, look no further.


  • Still to this day one of the best detailers on Youtube
  • Many interesting subjects to learn about rather than the same thing every time
  • Owns/races a Porsche 964 and loves to share his passion for the car


  • Seems to only be using his personal cars for videos these days instead of exciting customer cars (has he quit mobile detailing to focus on other things?)


Automotive Youtube Channels


Obsessed Garage

About the channel:

And now for my #1 Youtube channel you may not have heard of. This one might be a bit controversial – if you’re not into what could now be considered the “Obsessed Garage” lifestyle, you’ll probably find it dull and boring. This channel is run by Matt Moreman, a wealth management expert, and DIY detailer. The primary focus is on showcasing different high quality detailing products and tools. Nearly all of the videos are shot at his beautiful home in Florida, using his Porsche GT3RS, Honda S2000, and Ford Raptors (yes, plural!) as subjects.

What started off as a way for him to deal with his clinically diagnosed OCD has now turned into a Youtube channel, online store, huge Facebook group and podcast. Matt is very open and honest in his videos while explaining why he makes certain decisions.

Many of his videos are spent with him simply washing one of his vehicles using his favorite products while he talks at length about cars, business, and life in general. His long videos paired with the way he talks and the beautiful backdrop of his home are incredibly relaxing for some reason.

Some may find it boring, but Obsessed Garage isn’t for those people. It’s for those of us that obsess over every detail, want to do things the right way, and can’t sleep at night if something’s wrong. If you can relate in any way to Matt’s way of life, I strongly suggest you grab a cup of coffee, kick your feet up and enjoy his many hours of content. I truly hope that Obsessed Garage is an example of the future of automotive Youtube channels.


  • Tons of footage of detailing and caring for his great collection of cars
  • Matt’s a good guy – he’s honest and open about what he does and why he does it
  • No drama and no phony-ness. Just a wealthy guy enjoying the life he built for himself and inviting us along for the ride


  • This is a grown up channel. You won’t find any excessive attention grabbing topics, titles or thumbnails


There you have my top 15 Automotive Youtube channels you may not have heard of. Hopefully these guys will connect with some new viewers as a result of this post. I think you’ll enjoy them – I know I do.


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