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Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright Tire Gel

My Favorite Tire Gel: Poorboys Bold ‘N Bright Review

Finding a tire dressing with just the right amount of shine can be tough. Poorboy’s Bold ‘n Bright Tire Gel is currently my favorite product. I use it on all my vehicles – from low profile tires to beefy all-terrain tires, to *gasp* even my motorcycle tires. The deep, dark look combined with its dry feel are the perfect combination for me.




It’s always important to clean your tires thoroughly before adding any kind of dressing. If you fail to do so, the dressing will stick to the dirt and grime instead of the rubber which will cause it to wear off quickly. I like using Meguiar’s Super Degreaser with a firm bristled brush to make sure they’re clean. Keep re-applying, scrubbing and rinsing until you no longer see brown liquid running off the tire. Now you’re ready to dress them.

I apply Bold ‘N Bright with a foam applicator from Chemical Guys. Any foam sponge will work though. Since this is a gel rather than a liquid, it’s very easy to apply and spread throughout the tire. You’ll notice it has a pleasant coconut scent. Make sure your tire is completely dry or the water will dilute the gel making it weaker. Sometimes I’ll do this on purpose if I’m looking for less shine.

You may be alarmed by how shiny the tire looks immediately after application, but don’t worry. It will turn to a dark, satin black appearance as it dries. If you want more shine, you can always add another layer (although I never have).

Even though Bold ‘N Bright won’t leave a greasy film, you still need to use extreme caution when applying it to motorcycle tires. Make sure you account for the lean angle of the bike. Safety is more important than appearance, so keeping it far away from the tread is a good idea. If you have any concern about this, keep all tire dressing off your bike completely. Although I use it, I can’t recommend it to everyone.


Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright Tire Gel



You’d think Poorboys Bold ‘N Bright would have a bit of a greasy feel to it but it actually dries to the touch after 30 minutes or so. No slinging at all, as long as it’s applied properly (this goes for any tire dressing regardless of any claims). The fact that it’s water-based means that dirt is much less likely to stick to the tire, unlike most silicon/petroleum based products.


Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright Tire Gel



Once dry, the tire has a very clean and black look to it. Just the right amount of pop without looking too artificial. The dark appearance is the perfect complement to freshly polished or waxed paint. Bold ‘N Bright doesn’t have as much shine as other products but for many people, that’s a good thing. It also won’t stain your tires brown over time.


Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright Tire Gel



Water based dressings have many great attributes but unfortunately, longevity isn’t one of them. This is the tradeoff you make to have a product that doesn’t sling, feel greasy, or attract dirt. In my opinion, that’s a sacrifice worth making especially considering how inexpensive and easy to apply it is. All you have to do is clean your tires and reapply if you find that it’s worn off.

I tend to get 2-4 weeks of life out of Bold ‘N Bright on my daily driver, and close to double that on garage kept vehicles. Driving in the rain will surely wash the gel off, but I’d rather have that than a product that’s nearly impossible to scrub away.


Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright Tire Gel



I’ve tried quite a few tire dressings but I keep finding myself coming back to Bold ‘N Bright. The gel formula makes it last fairly long for a water based product and the look it gives the tire is perfect for me. Don’t let the boring packaging and low price fool you. This dressing packs a punch! You can purchase Poorboy’s Bold n Bright Tire Gel here.




  • Dark black appearance
  • No slinging
  • Doesn’t attract dirt
  • Dry to the touch
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to apply



  • Longevity isn’t the greatest (2-4 weeks)
  • Doesn’t shine as much as some others (could be a pro for some people)
  • Bland packaging



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