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Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash Review

Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash Review

If you’re looking for a high quality protectant for your interior that leaves a perfect OEM looking finish, you need to take a look at this Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash review. Many other vinyl protectants will leave a glossy, oily shine to your plastics. This used to be a popular look, but nowadays more and more people are looking for a natural finish without sacrificing protection. In my experience with it, Gtechniq C6 is the best solution.


Gtechniq’s claims:

  • Retains factory finish on every kind of dashboard and door car material
  • Abrasion resistant and anti-static
  • Easy clean effect

“Why use Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash?

C6 Matte Dash is specifically designed to protect dashboard and door card materials including leather, vinyl, plastics and rubberized finishes.

It adds abrasion resistance, dirt, water, static and UV repellency to treated surfaces. It will not affect the gloss of your car’s trim and leaves a natural feel.”



C6 goes on very easy. Make sure your interior has been cleaned properly as this is solely a protectant, not a cleaner/detailer. Just spray it on your applicator/towel and wipe the desired area, then buff any excess off. Gtechniq recommends applying 2 layers with 24 hours of cure time in between. They recommend reapplying every 6 months.

I used it on the dash and similar trim (door panels etc) of my 2007 Toyota 4runner. While it is safe to apply on leather, Gtechniq makes a separate leather protectant that will do a much better job. Read more about leather conditioners here.


Results after 7 months:

To be honest, once it’s applied, you really don’t notice that it’s there. This is a good thing if a natural look is the desired outcome.

Abrasion resistance is a tough one to test (especially because I’m pretty careful overall with my vehicle), but no new scuffs or scratches are apparent.

Dirt and water repellency are a bit easier to judge, and they’re fantastic. During the test period, I cleaned the plastics with nothing more than a damp microfiber towel. Dust buildup is only noticeable after about a month without any cleaning. When you do clean it, a single pass with a towel is all that’s needed.

UV repellency is another difficult claim to validate. It’s worth noting that 4th gen Toyota 4runners are known to have issues with the dashboards cracking, yet mine remains in perfect condition. Is Gtechniq C6 to thank for that? I really can’t say. But it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash Review


The Verdict:

Gtechniq C6 will remain my favorite interior protectant until I find something else that blows my socks off. It offers great protection and you don’t even notice it’s there. That’s really all I’m looking for from a product like this.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but remember that a little goes a long way. A 100ml bottle will likely last a few years for most people. Gtechniq is one of the leaders in ceramic coating technology so it’s safe to say they know how to protect a surface. If these are the attributes you’re looking for, click here to purchase Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash.




  • Simple to use
  • No greasy finish
  • Long lasting
  • Makes vinyl easy to clean
  • Great protection



  • Aesthetic results are not very noticeable
  • A little on the expensive side


  • Clifford

    March 8, 2022 at 1:25 am

    Interesting review, thanks. I read where Gtechniq recommends cleaning with their I2 tri-clean before applying. Is that what you did, or is there a better method?


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