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2002 Harley Davidson Night Train

Buying a Harley Davidson – Is It Worth It to Buy Brand New?

Alright, it’s time to upgrade your ride and Milwaukee is calling your name. If you’re a card-carrying HOG rider, then it’s not your first time making the decision to buy a new or used Harley Davidson. For everyone else, you have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a Harley brand new. If you’re…

Will A Bike Rust In The Rain

Will Leaving a Motorcycle in the Rain Cause Damage?

Rain. The enemy of gearheads, motorcyclists and detailing enthusiasts alike. We love to wash, buff, wax and perfect our beloved two and four-wheel companions. We love feeling the rush of cool air, the warmth of the sunshine and the inner peace that comes from it all. But Mother Nature has other plans for our adventures…

Push starting a Harley Davidson

Can You Bump Start A Harley Davidson? Why It Likely Won’t Work

Harley Davidsons tend to be tough on batteries. If you get 5+ years out of one, you’re doing great. You never know exactly when your battery is going to start the bike for the last time. Hopefully, you’re at home when it happens – but we aren’t all that lucky. Older carbureted Harleys can usually…

Drag Specialties 8" risers

The Shortcut to Taller Bars For Your Harley Davidson

Are you tired of having neck/shoulder pain on long rides? Are you a taller rider that’s sick of seeing nothing but your own shoulders in your mirrors? Just wanting to update the styling of your bike? If your answer is yes, it might be time to look into some taller bars for your Harley Davidson….

Joe Rocket Polar Night RKT-12 Review

Joe Rocket Polar Night RKT-12 Helmet Review

Joe Rocket has been known for offering high quality motorcycle gear at an affordable price for a while now. They’ve added a series of helmets to their lineup recently and today I’m going to give you a real world review of their Polar Night RKT-12. The Polar Night RKT-12 is a stylish full-face helmet that’s…

Harley for Cheap

How to Buy a Harley For Cheap

Buying a Harley for cheap might sound impossible. They’re expensive brand new and they tend to hold their value on the used market. The basic principle of supply and demand applies here, and it’s clear to see how popular they are. Whether their huge following is warranted or not, the fact remains: Harley Davidsons are…

Harley Davidson Night Train

The Story of My Harley Davidson Night Train

Normally, a feature vehicle article is all about the details of the vehicle itself. In this case although I love my Harley Davidson Night Train, I really don’t think it’s that interesting. It’s mostly stock after all. What is interesting however, is the story of how it came to be my bike. I’ve decided to…