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Be kind to motorcyclists

Why Do Bikers Wave At Each Other? 9 Friendly Tips For Car Drivers

Ever wonder why bikers wave at each other? Riding a motorcycle is something you don’t truly understand until you’ve done it. It can bring you some of the most enjoyable memories as well as the most frightening ones. Despite modern technology providing us with realistic video games and POV motovlog videos online, there’s still no…

Best detailing tricks

8 Ways To Make Your Old Car Feel New (And Look Great!)

It never fails. Once you’ve owned a vehicle for a certain amount of time, regardless of how great it is, it starts to feel boring. The easy fix is to sell it or trade it for something new and exciting. That’s not always in the cards for everyone though. Sometimes we just have to make…

How To Win A Car Show

How To Win A Car Show – 9 Helpful Tips

Winning a car show is one of the greatest “atta boy” pats on the back a car guy can receive. Nobody really cares about the $3 trophy. The real reward is having a group of knowledgeable people say that they respect your style, taste, and hard work. For some, it makes all those long nights…

How to drive a lowered car

Driving A Lowered Car – Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Driving a lowered car for the first time can be a bit intimidating. We’ve all heard the horror stories of smashed oil pans and shredded bumpers. The truth is, as long as your vehicle is at a reasonable ride height and you don’t live in a war zone, you should be able to make it…

Acura NSX and Datsun 280Z Feature

This Acura NSX and Datsun 280Z Is A Rare Pair

Japanese classics are becoming harder and harder to source these days and finding clean, North American examples is even more difficult. The collector car world has begun to sweep over these Japanese cars, soaking up inventory and raising prices. Vintage Datsuns and Acura NSXs are not immune to this – especially here in Canada where…

Motorcycle GoPro

Putting a Budget Motovlog Setup Together

Are you planning on starting a motovlogging channel on Youtube? Or maybe you just want to film some of your rides so you can go back and enjoy them in the future. Either way, you’ll need to come up with a helmet-cam setup. In this post, I’m going to show you what I’ve come up…

MR2, 4runner and Night Train

7 Reasons Why Buying An Older Vehicle Is Totally Worth It

If you’re a repeat visitor here at Canadian Gearhead, you already have an idea why I love older vehicles. You know mine are well cared for, they perform great and I have a strong bond with each of them. What you might not realize though, is that the newest one is already 11 years old….

Blurred License Plate

Why Do People Blur Their License Plates Online?

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Blurring out your vehicle’s license plate in photos has been a popular thing to do for many years. There’s also been an on-going debate about whether or not it’s necessary. So why do people blur their license plates online, and should you be doing it too? Blurring a license…

Car meet etiquette

Car Meet Etiquette – 9 Things You Should Never Do

Car meets are an endangered species. At the rate things are going, they might actually become extinct in some areas. In today’s post, I’m going to share some car meet etiquette and attempt to do so without getting angry. Let’s see how that goes. I’ve been going to car shows and meets for well over…

Forgotten step when modifying your car

An Important Yet Often Forgotten Step When Modifying Your Car

Everyone has an opinion of what the best modification to your vehicle is. The popular ones are usually tires, brakes, and suspension. They’re probably right – but the most important aspect of upgrading your car isn’t actually a modification at all. The most important, yet often forgotten step when modifying your car is: You guessed…