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4runner tinted windows

The 7 Most Surprising Benefits Of Window Tinting

I often wondered why people tint their car windows. Like many others, I had the impression that it was a flaunt of affluence. But recently, I realized that tinting your car windows has a lot of benefits that many people aren’t aware of. Most people think they aren’t any different from untinted ones and that a tinted window provides the same benefits as a regular car window.

Tinted vehicle windows have a lot of benefits – not just privacy. They protect your interior from the sun and keep it cooler inside. They make driving easier on your eyes and improve visibility. They also improve the exterior appearance of your car greatly.

Window tint is like a thin coating or film that you install on the interior or exterior of your car’s glass surface. In some cases, vehicles with tinted glass are more expensive than vehicles without. All the benefits you derive from having a tinted window can cost you between $200 and $400. Trust me; it’s worth the price. Want to know more benefits of tinting your car’s glass?

4runner tinted windows

Some benefits of tinting your car’s windows

As mentioned earlier, I once thought tinted windows were over-hyped. But thankfully, I’m now aware of their benefits. Here are some interesting ones:


1. Window film offers shattered glass protection

One of the amazing advantages of tinting your car’s windows is that the film you install makes your window stronger and long-lasting. Most often, when a car accident occurs, your window is likely to break. This may result in you suffering severe cuts or worse.

I believe tint functions the same way screen guards work to protect your phones. When a phone with a screen guard falls, the broken part remains intact to the guard film. This is also what happens when you have an accident. So even if your car window is smashed, the glass parts will remain connected to each other.

If you want your car window to be more durable, all you have to do is get them tinted. It will surprise you to see the scratches that often appear on your car window lessen. This means with a tint, you’ll have a clear view of the road because you have no scratches obstructing your sight.


2. Window tint provides you with security and privacy

Apart from the fact that a window tint helps to protect you from shattered glass, it also protects you from thieves and break-ins. You may ask, how? Well, recently, there’s been an increase in crime rates and having dark windows certainly helps. Window tint reduces the visibility of the valuables you keep in your car.

A car alarm is very useful but doesn’t serve as a preventative measure. In the case of a theft, they would only alert you after the incident has occurred and the damage is done. The window tint prevents passersby from being drawn to your car. With it, you can comfortably shop for items and leave them in your vehicle overnight.

Aside from reducing the risk of your valuables being on display, thieves will have a hard time trying to break into your car when you tint your vehicle’s windows. Because the film holds the broken pieces of glass together, it’ll take longer for them to gain access to your car.

It also allows you to see people passing without them seeing you. If thieves are unsure of your presence or absence inside your car, they’ll be hesitant to break into it. With tinted windows, you are safe from prying eyes. Most criminals will choose the path of least resistance – so not knowing for sure if someone is in the car might be enough to deter them.


3. Tinted windows help with solar heat protection

Window tint protects you from ultraviolet sun rays. UV rays are harmful to you. They cause long-term skin damage like skin cancer, wrinkles on your skin, skin darkening, and sunburns. A window without tint allows ultraviolet sun rays to get to you.

With the windows of your car tinted, your skin is protected from UV rays. Window tints block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. These rays can damage your sight by destroying your eye retina and making you unable to process light normally. Forgot your sunglasses at home? No worries! Your window tint will help to protect your eyes.

4runner tinted windows

4. Tinted windows help to make your car comfortable

Window tint prevents sun rays from scorching your skin or affecting your eyes. It also makes you feel comfortable while driving. When you tint your vehicle’s windows, you’ll notice that your interior becomes cooler. This is because it reduces the amount of heat that comes in.

Think about this: Your air conditioner lasts longer when you tint your windows. It makes your car’s interior cool and bearable for harsh weather like summer, meaning you won’t need to use your A/C as much. That saves on wear and tear.

Tinted windows are also helpful for you during the winter season. Not only does a window tint prevent heat from entering your car, but it also traps heat IN your car. This helps you keep warm in colder weather.

4runner tinted windows

5. Tinting your vehicle’s window makes it look sharp

Window tinting makes your car stand out amongst other cars by improving its appearance. There are various types of tint films you can choose from. Luckily, there’s every type and color to suit your car perfectly. Tinted windows tend to make your paint pop and appear shinier.

Window tint also protects your car’s upholstery from fading. UV rays can make your car interior fade quickly, making your vehicle appear old and unattractive. But with a window tint blocking 99% of the UV rays, you can maintain your car’s upholstery for a longer period.

Yes, there are other factors aside from the UV rays that cause your car’s upholstery to fade. To begin with, the materials you use to clean your car’s interior are one factor. If you use harsh abrasives to wipe your upholstery, there’s every possibility it’ll fade off within a few months.

Nevertheless, the major cause of upholstery fade remains UV rays. By tinting your windows, your upholstery is safer from wear.


6. It is suitable for people with certain health conditions

Some certain health conditions require you to protect yourself from the sun. For example, people with albinism may find driving on a bright sunny day difficult. Window tint helps you reduce the light that enters the car. It also makes the atmosphere outside look cool. People with Cockayne syndrome, protoporphyria, and Bloom syndrome would also find using tinted windows helpful.


7. Window tinting ensures better visibility.

The conditions of driving during the night are more horrible than during the day. From the oncoming headlights of other vehicles to the glare from several lamp posts. No doubt, you’ll face difficulties while driving. This is because, at night, the headlights from other cars reflect directly to your area of vision.

This causes poor visibility, which can lead to road accidents. However, with a tinted window, your eyes are shielded from the glint from the sun and other vehicles. Tinting your windshield is illegal in most states and provinces, but tinting the side and rear windows can reduce the number of bright headlights that bother your eyes.

4runner tinted windows

Types of vehicle window tint

There are different types of window tint, and they each have their benefits and disadvantages. But they’re all effective. Below are some types of films you can install on your car’s windows.


Dyed tints

Dyed window tints are the best for your budget. They’re the most common window tint. Dyed tints are relatively cheaper than other window films. Although they’re not as effective as other options, they still offer you all the benefits that come with having a car tint.

Dye tints block sunlight rays by absorbing them. The only downside is, they often fade off with time and are not as durable as other dye tints.


Metalized window tint

This window tint is the most effective if you’re searching for a car tint to strengthen your window. They are made with very tiny and thin metals, which makes them shiny. The metalized window
tints make your window strong and protect you from shattered glasses and break-ins.

Metalized window tints are also more durable than dyed tints. They neither fade nor have scratches easily. With the metalized window tint, your car maintains its attractiveness for an extended period. Not to mention, it’s a perfect sun resistor and budget-friendly.


Hybrid window tints

Hybrid window tints are a combination of metallic and dyed window tints. They consist of a mixture of metal and dye and are more effective in protecting you from harmful UV rays than metallic and dyed tints.

While the metalized window tints cause radio interference, the hybrid tint works just excellently under all conditions. It doesn’t scratch or fade easily. Plus, it’s quite durable.


Carbon window tint

Carbon tints are made up of thin carbon films. They are effective in protecting you from sunlight and heat. This is one of the best tints you can buy for your car window at an affordable price.


Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tints are the most expensive options, but I can assure you, it’s worth the money. They are the most effective window tint on the market. The ceramic window tint offers you privacy as well as maximum protection from solar heat and UV rays.

Ceramic tint is made of a non-conductive and non-metallic thin ceramic. They are difficult to break in and scratch. Their durability is top-notch. Besides, with a ceramic tint, you won’t have to run your A/C 24/7 because it keeps your interior cool.


Crystalline window tint

Perhaps you don’t fancy the dark window tints? Or maybe you prefer the transparent tints and still want protection from UV Sun rays. Then the crystalline window tint is your best option. 

Even though it’s transparent, it still blocks UV sun rays from getting to you. It is durable and keeps you secure also. But keep in mind that it doesn’t offer you any privacy. The crystalline window tint film doesn’t discolour. No matter the condition you put your vehicle through, it’ll always remain the same.

4runner tinted windows

Tips for maintaining your car’s window tint:

Getting your windows tinted is one thing, but maintaining them is another. To make your window tint last longer, you have to maintain it and exercise a great degree of care while cleaning it.

After installing your tint, you shouldn’t roll your windows down for about two days. This allows it to dry completely while preventing it from peeling off. Below are some helpful tips that will help your
windows to be more durable:


Wipe it with the right cleaning agent

After installing tinted films on your window, It’s best for you to ensure they last long by cleaning them with the right products. Some cleaning agents can reduce the darkness of your tint and make it unattractive over time.

I advise that you don’t use any cleaning agent that contains ammonia on your tinted windows. Instead, you wash your window tint with an ammonia-free cleaner or vinegar. Vinegar is the perfect cleaner to use for salt water stains.


Use microfiber towels to clean your window tint

While cleaning your window tint, use microfiber towels that are non-abrasive. Using coarse material like a hard sponge or brush can make your window have scratches. Although your tint may be scratch-resistant, it is still advisable to use soft materials to carry out your cleaning.

Water will help make your cloth soft and less abrasive, so you should dampen it before use. Also, avoid cleaning your tinted window under the sun. While cleaning, the sun may make the cleaning agent dry fast on your window, and this will cause streaks and stains. Before cleaning your window tint, find some shade or clean it when the sun is down.


Leave bubbles to professionals

Immediately after having tint applied to your windows, you might see some bubbles in it. It’s important that you don’t poke them with any object. This helps you to avoid further damage to your tint.

In most cases, they just need a bit more time to fully dry and the bubbles will disappear on their own. Should they remain after a few days, it’s important that you leave the job to professionals who have the requisite skill to eliminate the bubbles properly.


Be sleek with a window tint

Window tints are not only a flaunt of extravagance. They provide you with numerous benefits such as privacy and security. Tint also protects you from UV rays and keeps your skin healthy by preventing the harmful effects of UV rays on you. Overall, tinted windows will improve your driving experience.

Trust your instincts and go for a window tint that suits your budget and taste. Truly, they perform the same functions but to varying degrees. Make sure to do your research and find what’s best for you.

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