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4runner tinted windows

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Tinting the windows of your car offers many benefits. It gives you privacy, protects your interior from the sun, and keeps it cooler inside. It makes driving easier on your eyes and improves visibility. It also improves the exterior appearance of your car greatly.

Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Windows

I’ve had tinted windows on my vehicles since my very first car 20 years ago. These are the advantages I’ve experienced over the years.

UV Protection For People

One of the most important benefits of tinting your car windows is the protection it provides against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

When you’re driving, you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which can cause skin damage and even skin cancer over time. Tinted windows can minimize the chances of that happening to you.

UV Protection for Interior Components

4runner tinted windows

Another selling point is the protection it provides to your car’s interior components. The sun’s UV rays can cause significant damage to your car’s interior over time. UV rays can cause your dashboard to fade, your seats to crack, and your upholstery to discolor.

Those things are expensive to repair or even replace.

Window tinting significantly reduces the amount of UV rays that enter your car, which protects your car’s interior from damage. According to All Pro Window Tinting, window tinting can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

By reducing the amount of UV rays that enter your car, you can help keep your dashboard, seats, and upholstery looking newer for longer.

Less Eye Strain

4runner tinted windows

The sun’s glare can cause eye strain and make it difficult to see. Tinted windows help to reduce the glare and make it easier to see the road ahead.

If you have ever driven into the sun, you know how difficult it can be to see. The sun’s rays can cause you to squint, which leads to eye strain and fatigue. Tinted windows help to reduce the amount of light that enters your car, making it easier for you to see the road.

Better For Babies

Tinting your car windows provides a safer and more comfortable environment for your baby. The harmful UV rays from the sun can not only damage your baby’s sensitive skin but also cause discomfort and irritability, especially on long drives.

I didn’t realize this one until my son was born. It only took a few drives until I noticed him wincing at the sun in his eyes. Babies don’t always know to look away if something is bothering them – they just cry. A lot. The entire way home from the beach (ask me how I know).

Now, my 4Runner already had tinted windows but the factory tint isn’t very dark. I ended up having to purchase a stick-on sunshade for my little guy. That wouldn’t be necessary with darker or higher quality window tint.

The darker environment can help your baby sleep better and reduce the chances of them getting disturbed by the outside world.

Cooler Interior Temperature

4runner tinted windows

One of the best benefits of tinting your car windows is the ability to reduce the amount of solar heat gain inside your vehicle. This means that your car’s interior will stay cooler, even on hot summer days.

It also means that your car’s air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your interior cool.

Studies have shown that tinted car windows can reduce the internal temperature inside of a car that’s beneath the heat of the summer sun by a few degrees. This might not seem like a lot, but it makes a significant difference in the comfort level of your car’s occupants.

Increased Privacy

The darker the tint, the more difficult it is for others to see inside your car. This is especially useful if you often carry valuable items in your car or if you simply prefer to keep people from watching you pick your nose.


Most “smash and grab” situations are crimes of opportunity. If the thief can take one quick walk past the car and see all of the contents inside, they’ll be much more tempted to break in.

With tinted windows, thieves aren’t sure whether your car is empty or it has an expensive laptop inside. Most of them aren’t willing to risk jail time to find out so they just move on to the next target.

Sleeker Appearance

4runner tinted windows

Tinting your car windows gives your vehicle a sleeker and more stylish appearance. Whether you prefer a subtle, factory look or a more dramatic, darker tint, window tinting allows you to personalize your car’s aesthetics to match your preferences.

I find that the darker appearance of tinted windows makes the paint pop more in contrast.

Less Chance Of Shattered Glass

Tinting your car windows can actually help reduce the risk of shattered glass in the event of an accident or break-in. The film holds the shattered glass together, preventing it from scattering and causing harm.

This is especially important in the case of an accident. If a window shatters due to impact, the tint film can help hold the glass in place, reducing the risk of injury to you or your passengers.

Different types of window tint

4runner tinted windows

There are different types of window tint, and they each have their benefits and disadvantages. But they’re all effective. Below are some types of films you can install on your car’s windows.

Dyed tint

Dyed window tint is the best for your budget and is the most common. Dyed films are relatively cheaper than other window films. Although they’re not as effective as other options, they still offer you all the benefits that come with tinted windows.

Dyed tint blocks sunlight rays by absorbing them. The only downside is, it often fades off with time and isn’t as durable as other styles.

Metalized window tint

This is the most effective if you’re searching for a car tint to strengthen your window. It’s made with very tiny and thin metals, which makes it shiny.

Metalized window tint is also more durable than dyed tint. It neither fades nor gets scratched easily.

Hybrid window tint

As you’d expect, hybrid window tint is a combination of metallic and dyed window tints. It consists of a mixture of metal and dye and is more effective in protecting you from harmful UV rays than metallic and dyed tints.

While the metalized window tint can cause radio interference, the hybrid tint works excellently under all conditions. It doesn’t scratch or fade easily.

Carbon window tint

Carbon tint is made up of thin carbon films. It’s effective in protecting you from sunlight and heat. This is one of the best tints you can buy for your car window at an affordable price.

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is the most expensive option, but it’s worth the money. It’s easily the most effective on the market.

Ceramic tint is made of a non-conductive and non-metallic thin ceramic. This offers the best durability and will keep your interior the coolest.

Crystalline window tint

Perhaps you don’t fancy the dark window tint? Then crystalline window tint is your best option. 

Even though it’s transparent, it still blocks UV sun rays from getting to you. It is durable and keeps you secure also. You obviously won’t get the privacy benefits from it though.

Benefits Of Window Tint – Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that I prefer driving my 4Runner over my Tacoma. One of the many reasons for this is because the Tacoma’s windows aren’t tinted.

Call me a wimp, but I’ve gotten used to the feel of tinted windows and without them, it feels like I’m driving in a fish bowl. Perhaps tinting the Tacoma’s windows will be a future DIY project on my YouTube channel!

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