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About Tim

Tim Rempel is a writer, detailer, and the founder of Canadian Gearhead. He helps people learn about their cars and how to take ridiculously good care of them every day.

My Work Story

I was a pretty good student in high school but when I graduated, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. During those years, I was racing mountain bikes while working at a bike shop. I enjoyed wrenching on some really cool bikes, but I knew I needed to earn more money. So what’s a boy to do? Well, manual labor, of course.

I got a job at the Toyota factory in Cambridge, Ontario shortly after high school. I started out delivering materials on tow motors, reach trucks, and forklifts in the South plant that built the Lexus RX350.

Once I got hired on full time, I moved to the North plant where I built the Toyota Corolla and Matrix with my own 2 hands. I learned a lot about the company and the manufacturing process while I worked there. One of the biggest lessons they teach is the importance of continuous improvement and managing a high level of quality. I like to think I’ve carried that on to other aspects of my life.

Between building them for years, owning 4 of them, and even my very first car being one, I guess you can say I’m a Toyota guy. I currently own a 2007 4runner, a 2006 Tacoma, and a one-of-a-kind 1991 MR2.

I started Canadian Gearhead in 2018 and running it is now my full-time job. I’m responsible for coming up with every article topic as well as editing and publishing them. I continue to do a lot of the writing myself and I also film and edit every YouTube video on the channel. I feel like I have the best job in the world and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

By reading articles, clicking links, or watching videos, you’re supporting Canadian Gearhead and quite literally putting food on my family’s table. We’re regular people, just like you.

My Personal Story

I’m a simple man. I live in downtown Kitchener, Ontario with my wife and son. They say that behind every good man is a great woman and that’s definitely true in my case. I’d be a mess without her support and motivation.

She bought her Toyota Tacoma long before I ever met her. To her, it was just a truck. To me, it was an awesome coincidence. The girl I ended up marrying happened to own a truck that fit right in with my existing brand. How cool is that? I’m currently in the middle of restoring that truck and I have a playlist documenting it here:

I ride a Harley Davidson, lift weights at the gym every morning, and try to get out on my mountain bike whenever I have a chance. I haven’t met a bag of potato chips that I didn’t like.

Family is very important to me. I’m a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and my dad is one of my best friends. I’ve always been very close with my parents and my dad can definitely beat up your dad (but he won’t – he’s a really nice guy).

All of my buddies are car guys. If we aren’t at some type of event/meet/show, we’re likely at the coffee shop shooting the breeze and chatting about cars. Surrounding myself with people that share the same passion is important to me.

I love watching Formula 1 races and Chicago Bears games. I’m also ashamed to admit that since getting married, I’ve barely missed an episode of 90 Day Fiance or The Bachelor.

Speaking of getting married, we had our wedding in my sister’s beautiful riverside backyard last year. It was certainly a small wedding due to the mandates at the time – we had only 24 guests including ourselves.

Most of the world was still closed down for our honeymoon, so we decided to borrow a camper trailer from Eva’s parents, packed up the 4runner, and drove across Canada for more than a month. You’ll see pictures and video clips from that trip scattered throughout the website and YouTube channel.

Living on the road with just my wife and my trusty Toyota was the best adventure I’ve ever been on. It made me realize that I need to get out and explore more and I hope to do more trips in the future. It’s amazing what places you’ll see just by getting behind the wheel and driving!

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